Our team has published 15 journals:

  1. Advanced Journal of Chemistry-Section A              Google Scholar, ISC,   CAS, J-Gate, Publons,
  2. Advanced Journal of Chemistry-Section B             Google Scholar, Publons,
  3. Asian Journal of Green Chemistry                           Google Scholar, ISC,    CAS, Publons,
  4. Asian Journal of Nanoscience and Materials          Google Scholar, ISC,    CAS, Publons, Google Scholar,
  5. Chemical Methodologies                                           ISI,   ISC,    CAS, Publons, Google Scholar,
  6. Eurasian Chemical Communications                       ISIISC, CAS, Publons,   Google ScholarCiteFactor,
  7. International Journal of Advanced Biological and Biomedical Research, ISC, Google Scholar, CAS, Publons, CrossRef, SID,
  8. International Journal of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science, Google Scholar, Publons,
  9. Journal o Chemical Reviews,                               ISC, Google Scholar, Publons,
  10. Journal of Engineering in Indusrial Research      Google Scholar, Publons, LinkedIn,
  11. Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences          Scopus, ISC, Google Scholar, Publons,
  12. Journal of Plant Bioinformatics and Biotechnology   Google Scholar, LinkedIn,
  13. Journal of Research in Weed Science                      Google Scholar, Publons  
  14. Journal of Science and Technology Research,       Google Scholar, Publons,         
  15. Progress in Chemical and Biochemical Research   ISC, Google Scholar, Publons,