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Department of Biology, Payame Noor University, P.O. Box 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran


Early progressive in plant genetic and recombinant DNA technology, has helped to improvement and support of researches in identity and manipulate of genetic of enzymes in path of produce of seconds metabolites. The mean of Molecular farming is produce of drug biology and important proteins with plants. Plants and molecular farming have high potential in infinite produce of recombinant proteins (vaccines, antibodies etc). Since 1986 that produced of first recombinant drug protein in tobacco, has produced the large number of proteins medical need in plant and in the present has acceptable produced of recombinant proteins in world. Proteins has produced in plants are devoid of harmful end tocsins, human pathogeneses, animal malady ingredient and virus and bacteria DNAs that there were in current expression systems such as animal and prokaryote cells culture and as the result of are ideal model for proteins of expression and identity. Plants are an economic system for a large of protein produced with present of transgenic plants stable. It is useful and economic for large produced and increase plant genetic potency as identity of meticulous and quickly of genotypes that produce extreme of production using biotechnological methods.

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Using Molecular Farming Technology in Producing Human Proteins in Plants


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