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Senior laboratory technician, Soil and Water Research Institute (SWRI), Karaj, Iran



Today, working under a highly controlled safety condition in biological laboratories is becoming an important issue among researchers. Working in such environments requires considerable levels of attention to hazardous agents, microbial pathogens and/or biological sources might enter the laboratory. In the case of soil biology laboratories, soil scientists mainly deal with a wide variety of microorganisms that either isolated from soil samples or soil-related areas. Though these microorganisms have not dangerous for lab assistants and lab technicians, nevertheless, considering safety issues during the isolation of these species from target samples, their subculture processes, and formulating them into biofertilizers will need a great level of attention to reduce all concerns might be associated with the possibility of their pathogenicity for lab staffs. In this review, the recent trends on safety standards for working with microorganisms in soil biology laboratories have been discussed. The review will try to place extra concentration on self-protecting points during working with soil microorganisms and pave a way for a better understanding of experimental standards in soil biology laboratories.  

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Safety issues in soil biology laboratory: a perspective


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